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آبشار نیاگارا

Waterfalls in Niagara Falls
آبشار نیاگارا
آبشار نیاگارا — © Anderson Spinelli / 500px
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آبشارهای نیاگارا ترکیبی از دو آبشار بسیار بزرگ و یک آبشار کوچک‌تر می‌باشد که بر رودخانه نیاگارا واقع است. از لحاظ موقعیت جغرافیایی آبشار نیاگارا در مرز ایالت نیویورک در آمریکا و کانادا در جنوب استان انتاریو قرار دارد. آبشار بزرگ‌تر اصطلاحاً به آبشار کانادایی یا آبشار نعل اسب معروف است و آبشار کوچک‌تر به آبشار آمریکایی معروف است.

علت اصلی شهرت آبشار نیاگارا نه به علت ارتفاع آن بلکه به علت عریض بودن آن است. به طور متوسط نزدیک به ۱۱۰ هزار متر مکعب آب از آبشارها در دقیقه سرازیر می‌گردد.

آبشارهای نیاگارا در بیست دقیقه‌ای شهر بوفالو آمریکا و نود دقیقه‌ای شهر تورنتو کانادا قرار دارد. Шаблон:مدرک

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  • The Earth, Tarbuck and Lutgens, 1987

Tips & Hints

The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton 14 March 2013
There are endless picture-perfect photo opportunities along the walkway at Niagara Falls. For the best shot, get here at night to take in the light show and fireworks!
Shawn 6 November 2010
Feel free to turn on your cell phones as signal strength from U.S. cell towers will suffice, preventing roaming. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!
Mary Gazze
Mary Gazze 4 July 2010
The view of both falls is better from the Canadian side. You get a good view of just rapids on the American side.
Sandip Panja
Sandip Panja 24 June 2012
Horseshoe Falls. A better view from Canada.
American Airlines
American Airlines 27 June 2013
Don't miss the Aquarium of Niagara, where you can watch penguin feedings, see sea lions up close and even feed seals yourself.
Graziela Coutinho
Graziela Coutinho 20 May 2012
Wonderful place !
ChiefHava 15 May 2013
It's a waterfall
Jacob García
Jacob García 19 September 2014
Legend yes go with your partner you marry, is a place that gives you peace and leaves you speechless.
Hanan A.
Hanan A. 6 September 2013
Gorgeous place at both daytime or evening! Though daytime is much more beautiful!
Jackie Heroux
Jackie Heroux 1 June 2013
If u do go here to visit, ride the Sky Wheel!! :D View is amazing!! :D 14 May 2011
We dare you to boat on one of the amazing lakes and rivers available and fishing for a nice catch, follow that with a nice tour around Niagara Falls State Park where there are tons things to see, fini
Sinmi Folarin
Sinmi Folarin 6 July 2014
Picture perfect moments. Forgot it is worth the hype it gets.
AZiZ 3 July 2013
an amazing view
NiagaraFallsTourism 28 October 2012
Niagara Parkway is a spectacular visit in the Fall, just look at these colours! There are also a ton of spooky things to do if you're looking for the Halloween experience!
Nancy Fulton
Nancy Fulton 3 October 2012
Bring spare socks of you're doing the maid of the mist
James Gash
James Gash 15 December 2011
The rainbow lights are a little tacky. White would be just fine.
Niagara Guy
Niagara Guy 23 September 2010
I have lived here over forty years and although things change on the landscape, Great to know that the Niagara Parks Commission and other Local Enthusiasts and Organizations are keeping the area green
Alex McCoy
Alex McCoy 24 March 2013
Wear waterproof shoes!!
NiagaraFallsTourism 27 October 2012
Plan to come to Niagara Falls in the Winter! We are home to the Winter Festival of Lights, the Falls Illuminations, and the biggest New Years Eve party in Canada.
Cherd 24 July 2013
ครั้งหนึ่งในชีวิต ได้พบกับสิ่งมหัสจรรย์ ของโลก และ 1 ในที่สุดของอเมริกา เสียดายไม่ได้ไปดูน้ำตก ทางฝั่งแคนาดา เพราะมีแค่วีซ่าของอเมริกา บอกคำเดียว สุดยอดครับ ^___^

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