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فرودگاه بین‌المللی سن پترزبورگ-کلیرواتر

Airports in Saint Petersburg
فرودگاه بین‌المللی سن پترزبورگ-کلیرواتر
فرودگاه بین‌المللی سن پترزبورگ-کلیرواتر — st_asaph
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فرودگاه بین‌المللی سن پترزبورگ-کلیرواتر (به انگلیسی: St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport) یک فرودگاه همگانی مسافربری با کد یاتا PIE است که یک باند فرود آسفالت دارد و طول باند آن ۱۷۹۹ متر است. این فرودگاه در شهر تمپا، فلوریدا کشور ایالات متحده آمریکا قرار دارد و در ارتفاع ۳ متری از سطح دریا واقع شده است.

جستارهای وابسته

  • کد فرودگاهی یاتا
  • کد فرودگاهی ایکائو
  • فهرست فرودگاه‌های ایالات متحده آمریکا

Tips & Hints

93.3 FLZ
93.3 FLZ 24 November 2010
When you get in the car, turn us on! We'll return the favor. ;)
Melody S.
Melody S. 23 May 2012
Their terminal code is PIE. That is all.
Meredyth Censullo Frameli
Meredyth Censullo Frameli 11 November 2010
Save $$ on convenience charges w/Allegient Airlines by buying tickets at the counter instead of online or phone. It's a pain, but worth the savings.
**Irreplaceable** LastBreed
**Irreplaceable** LastBreed 26 December 2014
Airport is very low key and easy processing! Checked in and aboard my flight in very little time! Great airport to use; especially if your tired of the busy active ones.
Paula Miller
Paula Miller 9 March 2013
Safe arrival to Tampa
Dan 10 March 2013
Back to the gens of everyday life.
Shawn M.
Shawn M. 4 January 2015
About $50 cab ride to and from the cruise port.
Patricia Belcher
Patricia Belcher 29 July 2013
Be careful they are strict about the 40 lbs weight on luggage
New Media Travel
New Media Travel 31 January 2012
You have to see the Dali Musem in St. Petes. Great museum. Wild artist.
Lauren Bingham
Lauren Bingham 21 September 2011
No Starbucks :(
Georgia Naruns
Georgia Naruns 14 April 2011
Ahhhh... Body scanned for the first time!!!
☀Beach Drive Inn☀
☀Beach Drive Inn☀ 28 March 2011
Great airport!!
Cory Day
Cory Day 11 March 2011
Watch out for the body scanners!!!
Mike Wiesehan
Mike Wiesehan 5 July 2015
If you are flying Allegiant out in the morning, make sure you are 1 1/2 to 2 hours early, especially if you are dropping off a rental car. Lines are really long, staff does good job to keep it moving
Brandon Harper
Brandon Harper 18 February 2015
WiFi is slow, TSA doesn't open till 2 hours prior to the first departure of the day.
Lance L
Lance L 11 December 2013
Try vacation taxi and skip United or yellow.
Gordon Wysocki
Gordon Wysocki 18 February 2013
Great airport to fly out of.
Tracey Johnson
Tracey Johnson 7 February 2012
My daughter flew out of this airport to Milwaukee, Very nice, Not so busy small airport.. Was very nice no hussle and bussle. And my son and daughter also work at the (PIE)
Becky Kaiser
Becky Kaiser 4 November 2011
Plan to wait awhile for your luggage, but otherwise very pleasant.
Megan Blaugh
Megan Blaugh 2 January 2011
Don't rush down to baggage claim for your bags no matter what you will still be waiting when you get there. You have time for a smoke!
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